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Nov 20 2012

The Death Of Retail

Over the past few years we have had quite a few businesses go OUT OF business aka the death of retail. It seems that it is becoming an increasing trend as we move from the industrial age into the information/entrepreneurial age.

Times are changing. Amazon has one of the best retail models. They have no overhead except warehouses and a website. If Amazon had the buying power of Walmart, Walmart would go out of business. It’s just a business cycle. Walmart crushed K-Mart because Walmart cut out a step in the distribution process. Amazon cut out the overhead, how can you compete with that?

Dell, HP, Acer, and any other computer manufacturer could be put out of business by Apple, Google, or IBM if they don’t change their business model or come out with competing products. Look at Borders books. Amazon put them out of business. Why did Barnes and Noble survive? They changed their business model and came out with the Nook. Barnes and Noble price matches ¬†Amazon with online books and they sell the same products that Amazon sells.

How much longer will J.C. Penney’s be around? They just took a $200 million loss in 1 quarter. I would be frightened if I was relying on Job security with that company. If businesses don’t change with the times they will get wiped out.

Research shows we are becoming more health conscious. With that being said which fast food restaurants¬†will survive? McDonald’s will. Every time the market changes so does the company. Will you change with the times? Will you have to suffer the death of retail? If you knew your job would be obsolete in 2 years what would you do today to change it? The future for brick and mortar stores looks like it could be in trouble. I think the death of retail stores is upon us. Please leave your comments below and thank you for stopping by.

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